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Joy, success, celebration, challenge. There is balance.



#TribeThrive is a division of Wealthy Woman Warrior.  

It's place to collaborate, support, inspire and encourage one another.  It is a place where you can find Live weekly broadcasts and a ton of resources for Mindset, Leadership Development and Communications. 

We are on a serious mission to help 1 Million women reach their economic potential by 2025. 

Ready to find balance, focus and get thriving?

find a success coach

A 30 min Complimentary Session.  Let’s identify where and how you are struggling so you can find clarity and fulfillment. 

What to expect from our 1:1 call: 

You will answer 4 questions.  On the call I will get to know more about you, your goals & your plans so that I can identify areas to explore.  

My Story as an Overachiever

Thrive for Overachievers

Overachievers tend to build a life around the pursuit of success through hard work and effort. Insightful overachievers can see that designing a life around success (or not failing)– has left them surviving rather than thriving. 

A good first step towards balance is to question some of your longstanding beliefs about success and achievement.

Working with Heather...

trainer coach

"Heather gave me a different point of view. I needed to find a coach to help make a difficult decision on my career and with her help, it became a straightforward decision to make."    Client I.M.

"Life is hectic.  It is great to work with a trainer coach who knows the corporate world and has first hand experience with the realities of Bay Street."  Client O.M.

Heather as a Speaker...

success coach

"Heather gave a great presentation on networking making you a hero. We all left the room with a list of things to do!"  

"Today's presentation had real impact. The points made were not only relevant to our audience; they were delivered in a way to make them memorable and fun."

"Heather was the perfect Moderator for the inaugural TEDxTrinityBellwoods event."