Training from the trenches.

Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator & Speaker

Heather is a communications and change management professional. An accomplished 25+ year track record spans advertising, finance and marketing industries. Heather has a Masters in Leadership, specialized in coaching & change management.  She is also a trained Success Ambassador with Wealthy Woman Warrior.

A high-energy, overachieving, 'people-person', she has parlayed her vast personal and professional experience into a successful coaching business,  Heather is a natural leader, passionate about the outcomes of collaborative work while continually seeking that glorious state of balance amongst work, motherhood, challenge and happiness. 

Collaboration & Connection

Genuine interactions on 'the little things' help build towards bigger projects in the long run. Putting names to faces and following through with connections organically builds trust.  Let's connect on Facebook, LinkedIn or by good 'ole fashioned email.  Birds of a feather...

Coaching for success

Everyone is looking to find their way. We follow advice, follow paths, follow the crowd and hopefully follow our dreams. But we all reach a point where we question 'is this what it's all about?'  This is where a coach can help.  People connect, create and innovate when they are empowered and clear about what it is they want to do. Self-reflection is at the core.  

Power 2 Thrive is a program for Mindset Training. Once you harness the power to change your perspective and put into place a plan of specific habits, an inner and outer shift occurs and it is ‘reflected’ back with massive, power results.   
What You Can Expect     • A Profound Sense of Clarity • Understanding your Priorities • Tapping into your Resilience  • A Greater Understanding of your Strengths. This is how I can help you.         It’s personal, it’s possible and it’s going to be great!